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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marta is Busy Typing a Letter

Marta is busy at the office desk in her dining room. She is typing up the family request for the Gotland Summer Cottage Time Share. She's hope to get the Memorial Day weekend and following week. She wants to get her request in soon. Anne Marie is filling her form out also but wouldn't tell Marta what dates she wants. Marta is concerned that they both want the same week.

Credits: Little pink typewriter was found in the bottom of an auction box. It has no markings but is perfect size for Lundby. The little owl is solid metal and rather old. The paper stacker tray in the middle of the desk was found in a box of old boys toys and works perfectly. The tiny folders and papers were acquired at a Miniature show last year. The "I Love Dolls" mug I can't remember where I got that. The black book on the desk top is titled Sleeping Beauty, very old and the pages are paper. The calendar is metal with a paper month of dates glued into it found long ago. The plant stand is plastic and the potted plant was made by me using a wood painted flower pot and some plastic plants.


  1. What a lovely writing desk Marta has and the typewriter is just so sweet and I love the wise owl sitting there.

  2. Thanks Pandora. The desk and the chair are vintage Lundby pieces and I cherish them. So good to hear from you.

  3. What a sweet scene with Marta! Love the plants beside the desk...and she has a green thumb thanks to Amy. :)

  4. awww - the typewriter is such a great find! i´ve never seen one like this before. and i can understand marta very well - i hope her weekendplans won´t be a reason for quarrel!


  5. That typewriter is so cute, and so is that little mug on top of the writing desk! And I love the plant stand and the plants!
    I hope Marta gets the Gotland Cottage the week she wanted :-)

  6. Hello all. Thanks much for stopping by. I normally don't keep plastic doll house items unless they are vintage, quality, detailed and the proper size. The little plant stand is so plastic but I'll hang on to it till and if I find something better. I kinda think you all like Marta over Anne Marie. I hope their personalities are coming though on the blog. The Gotland is rented now. Just got to go see who is there this week. THANKS!!!