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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sofa & the Chair

This sofa and chair were in a glass case at the local antique store. I looked at them and thought something was wrong with them. I then looked at the price of $4. USD and was sure something was wrong with them but couldn't figure it out so I bought them as pictured below (except for the wood added to the bottom of the sofa). I really like the size, style, coloring and the pattern. I got them home and finally noticed the chair had no back cushion and the sofa had no seat cushion. I also noticed the sofa was sitting much lower than the chair. The sofa legs had been shortened (probably broken off) so I painted four balsa wood supports and used wood glue to secure them on the underside so it sat at the same height as the chair. I knew I had two little pillows that would work for the chair but what to do with the sofa... HHHhhhmmm... I found one of mom's Estee Lauder bags that was the right color and proceeded to make one big cushion. I got it on the sofa and it sure didn't look right or good at all. Ah ha, I needed to make three cushions. So on the third try I was satisfied and the results are below.

Then I pretended I was an interior designer and set up a couple shots for all you nice folks. This is my first time using a designer mind set in my Doll House. My work is displayed below.

This last photo is my favorite. The new sofa and chair look like they fit in nicely with the vintage Lundby furniture and the brass giraffe. I was pleased.

If anybody can identify this chair and sofa I would appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. There are no markings on either piece. The dealer who sold these items had no information either. I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog post as it is my first one without any little peeps around. I wonder where they all are.

Credits: Lundby items are the lamp, end table, coffee table, sideboard, white flower pot and rug. The daffodils are vintage and acquired at an auction. The solid brass giraffe was found some time ago at an antique store. The two elephants are old ivory earrings that I took the hook out of.


  1. You really do have a designers mind Amy! :-)
    Nice work with the cushions, I think the whole set became more chic with the new additions. My favourite is the last two photos, the lovely giraffe was such a great find and as I have a thing for elephants, I really love your two tiny ones!
    (The sideboard is by Barton by the way ;-))

  2. Hi Amy! I LOVE this couch set, and do indeed have a clue as to their origin. I recall seeing (and lusting after) such a set on Mini Modern's blog a while ago in her Lundby Stockholm. I located the post here: http://minimodern.blogspot.com/2008/11/stockholm-syndrome.html. You'll see she identifies the set in the comments as 1:18 "Pacifico" set from Japan. At the time I saw her set, I searched around and did not find out more. Very nice find, and you've done a lovely job refurbishing them! The photos are all great too.

  3. The fabric on the sofa and chair is very 60's. Must have a look at Mini Modern to see the set on there as well. You have done a great job with the cushions and supports. I like the photos too and the Lundby lamp is perfect for the setting. Great idea with the earrings. I would have snapped this set up too if I had seen it! :-)

  4. I love it, it reminds me of my Mom's decor in the 60's. You have great taste! CM

  5. Amy, that's marvelous! I love this chair and sofa. And the scene you used it in is so nice and cosy.
    Thank you Callsmall for the hint to MCs blog with the same group. It's nice too. I allways love to see the same pieces in different blogs.
    Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations.

  6. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy... You guys are so kind. A Big Thanks to CallSmall for the blog link and the information on my sofa and chair. I am delighted and appreciate you taking the time to find the link.

  7. Hi Amy, lovely decor, the only help I can give is that for me there is a look of Art Deco.