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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Boy Toy Museum

Vinnie takes his boys to the "Boy Toy Museum" for the day. There were lots of things to climb on and plenty of rides to go on. Antony and Evil try to climb up on the Terra-Rex-Cylopozoid mimicking big brother Nickie. Antony finds the rocket launcher and drives along and imagines shooting Dinosaurs of all kinds.
Bam... Pow...
Evil baby goes for a ride on the Terra-Rex-Cylopoziod.

Evil presses one button and smoke rises. Evil turns a little wheel and the forward guns swivel. Evil presses down on a pedal and the rear tail rises. Evil sure is having fun.

Nickie finds the Cannon and has a blast shooting aliens down.
Ka-Pow / Ka-Boom...

The group gathers in the Transformer/Activity room and the play continues. Nickie is programming a robot. Antony is helping space man get ready for launch. Evil is having a battle with an ugly green monster.
Well... Time to go home now. A good time was had by all.

Credits: It appears the Boy Toy Museum lost it's cleaning crew. These toys were acquired at an auction last summer. I picked through the box and salvaged the good stuff. Many items were Hasbro or Tomy from the late 1980's and all plastic. I found a couple cool small items appropriate for my doll houses. The rest of the items will be dusted and then donated.


  1. What adventures your dolls have :-) Nickie is very cute.

  2. So cool, your dolls always have so much fun! :-)

  3. Boy Toy Museum...what a great idea...we know all little boys love their toys! Evil looks like he was getting a special thrill.

  4. What a great find! Your dolls have so many things they can do, what with so many stores to go shopping at, a holiday home, a pyjama party for the girls, a military museum for the boys - your imagination is endless! Can't wait to see what they do next (especially the trolls!)

    What percentage ticklish are you, by the way? And do you have any ancestors who lived under bridges and frightened passers by? (Pubdoll has an ancestor who was burned as a witch (poor woman).)

  5. Thanks Everybody... Good to hear from you all. To: Rebecca, My trolls have to book the Gotland cottage first and then locate a bridge. I suspect they will be in plain site and giving away candy for passing the bridge. That could change though. I am 99% ticklish and 1% everything else. You are funny and I bet ticklish too. Not sure of my ancestors history. I hope Pubdoll didn't know that person personally. Thanks for stopping by. So good to hear from you.