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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Doll House Items

What is it Martin? Where did you get it? It's so big... How did you get it here? It's so old... Will it keep us warm? Does it work? Can we paint it? Where are we going to put it? Why did you bring this home? What's it all about Martin?
Credits: We scored! Hubby found this at an antique store in Southern Wisconsin. Cost was very reasonable. It was mixed in with some plastic doll house items. It is stamped "Made in Germany - US Zone" so hubby thinks from the late 1940's. It is so well built with tounge and groove joints that are just incredible. In original condition with no paint loss anywhere. It is an old Bodo Hennig German stove. It's pretty big for 1:16 scale Lundby so not sure where it belongs but it sure is a beaut and I wanted to share. Also need to share that we are not just wealthy people who shop all the time. We have had special circumstances recently with mom passing that allowed us to get away for a few days to start the healing process and we hit so many antique stores to find just a few special items. We will miss mom terribly but now she is in our doll houses and will be with us and remembered always.

If anybody has any further information on this Vintage Stove I would appreciate it if you could share. Value, age, etc...


  1. oh, amy i´m so sorry for you :( but i like the way how you keep the memories for mom alive!

    the stove is amazing!! great find and i think the size is okay for lundby it looks perfect on the picture.

    have a good time and don´t worry so much, hugs nicola

  2. Oh Nicola, you are so sweet. I've got to check your news now. Thanks so much for the worry advise. Hugs to you too. :-)

  3. I'm sorry to hear your mother passed away, Amy. What a lovely way to remember her! It's a great stove, and I think it will be perfect for Martin and Mary - they can sit on the bench and keep warm in the freezing winter you're having!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but what a wonderful way to remember her! The fireplace is great!

  5. Thanks Rebecca and Pubdoll. I got a couple other doll houses treasures in her memory also. I also cut the rose stems to add to my wood pile. (They dry out nicely.) It really is the tiny, itty bitty things that matter. Thanks Ladies!

  6. It is a lovely way to remember your mum. I have no idea about the stove, never seen one before, but it was a good find.

  7. Hi again Amy, does it say Bodo Hennig on it? Diepuppenstubensammlerin has a collection of Bodo Hennig houses & furniture, and a lot of information about when things were available, so she might well recognise it :-)

  8. Thanks Rebecca. I know I have seen an old Bodo Hennig stove like the one I found somewhere in blog land but I can't locate it again. I searched Diepuppenstubensammlerin's Blog and didn't find it amongst her Bodo Hennig posts. Thanks for the tip. Maybe she'll stop by and see this post. The only thing like it I have found is on eBay and it's the same type but new and with tile and is selling for about $95. USD. It doesn't say Bodo Hennig on this piece but the quality is out of this world with tiny wood joints. Plus it seems to be 1:10 scale like some of the Old Bodo Hennig items I've had pass thru my hands were. I also checked an old Bodo Hennig catalog and didn't see it. I suspect this stove is quite rare to find this old and in this great of condition. I appreciate your comments. You are so cute and so nice. :-)