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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mary Goes Shopping Again

Well now that Mary has gone shopping again. Martin has been reviewing the bids for the sale of the Gotland Model and Mary has been all over town filling up her wagons with new little treasures. Mary sure has noticed how tall the grass has gotten since Martin fertlized it. Martin is due to meet Mary at the Gotland to see all the new items she's acquired. She found an old oak toy chest, some kids toys, a new chair, a heart shaped hanger, a new little church, a pair of fancy red lamps, a small foot stool and a sofa table she just had to have. She also spent some time in the woods collecting pine cones to toss in the fireplace.

Over here is one of her red lamp, two baskets of strawberries, some Crisco, some seasonings and a nice litle display rack for the coffee shop or the new mall. She also found a sturdy wide legged table and a backgammon board. She also bought a couple of new rugs. She is sure Martin will be pleased.

Look at what she found for the Evil Baby.

Martin calls to Mary through the over grown grass,

"I hope you bought a lawn mover."

Mary just chuckles. Mary also bought this awesome brass giraffe statue. She thought it would look good for the new mini mall that Martin is working on.

Credits: New items acquired from a few trips to antique malls. The further out in the country we go the better deals we get. The new rugs are Lundby. The tall grass is from the local floral shop. They had them in the back cooler and I just had to get them. I wasn't sure why but now I know. Gots to find my little peeps a lawn mover now.


  1. So funny and creative, Amy! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Some very nice finds there Amy, love the giraffe statue and the backgammonboard! And the tall grass is hilarious! :-)
    But poor little evil baby :-)

  3. Love the finds and the grass is wonderful! Like living in a forest.Very fairytale esque! C

  4. Thanks Everybody. Hubby and I started laughing so hard when we saw that little clown for 50 cents. I appreciate you all stopping by. Each one of you plus others have inspired me. Thanks!!!