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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vintage Doll House Items

Vintage Doll House Items for bargain prices.
I stop occassionally at the antique store I used to sell at. When I started selling there was only one other area that sold doll house miniatures. I've since stopped selling in that store because now there are half a dozen areas with doll house miniatures. I was upset at first because my competition had much lower prices. Now I'm happy because the deals are incredible if you look for them. I got all items in the photo below for $1.oo USD. Yeppers... One lousy dollar. I would have paid that for just the pizza cutter. The butter dish is metal and quite old. The Vinegar set has pouring lips and handles. The two green items are little bells. The cheese cutter is so small that it is secured to a piece of thin, clear plastic along with the tiny slice of cheese. I peeled the price tag off the little bag and included it in the photo. All items are perfect for 1:16 Lundby size.The same dealer had another little bag for $1.50 USD.


I've seen the sets of blue splatter ware many times but had never seen the red set. This set includes 6 Lundby size plates and 6 cute little bowls. They are made of metal, sturdy and a great vintage find.

So I tried most of the items out and here is the result. The pizza cutter fits into Martin's hand with no sticky stuff at all. The colored mint candies fit nicely into on the bowls.

Oh yummy...

Credits: The pizza is actual Lundby and was received in an advent calendar a couple years ago. The tiny silverware is from "Mini Collectibles" and is plastic. I keep them in tiny sealed containers in an attempt to keep the set together. The red table is vintage wood. The red striped porch swing was found on the same trip to the antique store. It does not have a canopy and may or may not be Lundby.


  1. TIME FOR A ROAD TRIP!!! How far from Texas to Illinois?? and what's the address of that antique mall???

  2. Wow Amy - you lucky girl! The butter dish and the yellow vinegar set are real treasures but then so is the splatterware set. I just love ALL this stuff :-)

  3. Fantastic, are so real!! I like them so much, you're lucky! regards

  4. awww, so many cute tiny things :) i like the red dishes so much! and the prices :O wow! lucky you!!

    i can´t wait until our next fleamarket starts here in march!!


  5. Wow, lucky you, Amy!
    I love everything, but especially the vinegar bottles and the red splatter ware! And the scene you made with everything on the table is lovely and so lifelike!

  6. You see I started it all because I had one tiny area in the antique store and all I sold was 1:12 scale miniatures. The others saw I was having good fortune and then they put their stuff out at cheaper prices. My sales went by the way side. I am lucky because the store is close by that I can stop in occassionally and they all know I buy miniatures so... I could go to another store and see the red splatter ware dishes for much more. It's the thrill of the hunt that keeps me looking.

  7. To: Nicola, I can't wait till Spring. I go to auctions, flea markets and garage sales with a budget in mind and not expecting to find anything. I am very blessed. My husband long ago had to drag me to these events. Now he has to drag me back home. I also get to meet a lot of nice people and get a pulse on what is really going on.

  8. Thank you so very much everybody. It is always my pleasure to hear from you. I smile when I see you have stopped by. Wish we could all go miniature treasure hunting together.