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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dolls go to The Toy Store - Allison Wonderland, Lake Geneva, Wisc

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Thanks to the store owner of Allison Wonderland's Toy Store in Lake Geneva, Wisc for allowing me to bring Mary and Martin into the store to shop. They browsed everything. They liked the horse stables, the bridge, the Play Mobile items and the fantasy items. Mary especially liked the puppies. Thanks Chris!!! We had a really great time in your store.


  1. Oh, what a fun post! Seems they really enjoyed the trip to the store! Love the ones with Mary and the dogs and them both with the amazone (?) and the dragon!

  2. I love your collages...they are always so much FUN!! Looks like Martin got a little "tuckered out" there by the stables!

  3. FUN is the word which sprung to my mind too. Great fun and wonderful photos. :-)

  4. wow - please lock me up there for a night ;D i love toystores and this one looks so lovely to me. and is so nice you could take pictures of mary and martin at the shop!!


  5. Thanks Everybody. I was ga-ga when we first walked into this store. Then we asked the owner if we could come back with my peeps and take photos. Hubby and the owner chatted about scale, Lundby and stuff while I wandered and set up photos. It's the first time I've done that. Yes, Flo Martin was so very tired trying to follow Mary all over the place. We really appreciated his allowing us to do that. We had a great time and the little peeps so enjoyed it.