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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Gotland is SOLD

The Gotland has been SOLD.
Mary doesn't know this yet.
Martin, Erik and Vinnie have been at the Gotland all day. Each husband has left their wife a present. Vinnie moved the lawn and cleaned. Erik grocery shopped and stocked the refrigerator. Martin lovinly cooked a wide selection of foods and treats for the ladies. Martin is leaving the Gotland now and the ladies are to arrive soon."Oh My" exclaim the girls. Each one received soft, new pajamas. They all go and put them on. They wonder why their husbands have set all this up but they don't really care because girls just wanna have fun. They aren't expected home till the afternoon tomorrow some time.
So they decide to have a Pajama Party.

Mary tells that she thinks the Gotland will be sold soon because she left the final decision to Martin. The girls don't really care because they are so happy in their new PJ's with the smell of great food wafting through the cottage and the chance to just be girls.

A Pillow FIGHT happens next.

The girls are tossing pillows, giggling, giddie and really getting to know each other.

Gang pile on Marta.

The laughter can be heard across the hills and valleys from Lundby Lane.

The ladies ate and drank about everything. They devoured the home made fudge and oatmeal cookies. They burned lots of wood and pine cones all night. They watched a great movie. They also rearranged the furniture several times and just had a good ole fashioned night.

Lights out now...
The ladies are resting peacefully.

The Gotland is Officially Sold.

During the day the Coffee Shop was a buzz. Bill the attorney drew up the paperwork as Martin had made a final decision on the Gotland Summer Cottage. All parties in the photo below are now part owners. Yes, a Time Share. Martin knew how much Mary loved the cottage. Vinnie wanted to find a nice little get away for Anne Marie. Erik was sure his family would love to vacation at the cottage. Bill the attorney thought it was a good investment. Mr. Flagg wanted a share so he and his twin brother could play in the woods. The Trolls, now about the Trolls! The Trolls had great credit and cash. They were also made to sign a special contract stating they would not build a bridge to hide under and scare people.

The contracts are all signed. The ladies will find out tomorrow what happened to the Gotland ownership and they will all be delighted. The men are all very pleased. Martin can now fill up Mary's wagon of money again. Yeah!!!

Credits: The new Pajamas were just a tad big wide for the dolls and each was made to fit better using a safety pin in the rear. I found them at Big Lots in the scrapbook section. The little box says they are great for crafting, decorating or just collecting. What about Doll Clothes? They didn't mention that! We paid $1.25 USD for each of the three I found. They are 3.5" wide x 4" tall. I liked them and they really worked out.


  1. Timeshare, how clever! If I ever get a Gotland I think I must steal your great idea Amy :-)
    Looked like the girls had lots of fun :-) Love the gang pile on Martha and the pajamas! (Helmer's striped shirt was also originally meant for scrapbooking.)

  2. Love the kitchen photo.

    Timeshares, PJ parties and pillow fights - Wonderful :-)

  3. What a brilliant idea to have a timeshare! It will be great to see how they all use it, especially the trolls! (Hmm, I wonder if that clause about bridges was maybe an instance of racial stereotyping? But at least they did get a contract :-) )

    ps I've found things in scrapbooking sections of stores too, but not clothes like these - they're great!

  4. Oh, so many more stories you will write with the Gotland being a time-share! Will any of the owners sub-let to Texans? :)

  5. Feel free to use any ideas. I just didn't want to sell the Gotland to one family so hubby suggested the time share. I am also going to keep looking in the scrapbooking section of stores. Gee Rebecca, I am part Troll, part Norweigan and part ticklish. I hope the Troll foundation doesn't have a problem with this. Do Trolls and Texans get along? Thanks everybody!!!