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Monday, March 8, 2010

First Flea Market of the Year

Vintage Doll House Place Settings

The flea market season opened yesterday. We always go opening day no matter the weather. How things work out the first day determines how our season will be. At the end of the day Hubby said we are going to have a very good year. We have collected a certain type of hand-blown glass vase for years. We have never found one on opening day and hubby spotted one at the fourth vendor we visited. We have gone for months before without finding one. Glory be. What a good omen.

We ventured into the building to get out of the rain and visited some folks we have made acquaintance with previously. I browsed the area and found something that peaked my interest. It was beautiful, old, well made, affordable and the right size for Lundby. Oh my gosh... I asked the nice lady where she got these little items from and she told me she found them in the bottom of a box from an estate sale. There were three little bags and the prices had already been reduced. First bag was $3. and the other two were $2. each. I asked very nicely that if I bought the $3. bag and a $2. bag could I have the third bag for free. The answer was YES. Hubby then paid the nice folks $5. I was so excited to get home to see what they looked like.

I made four place mats by cutting from some old lace trim I had. I just can't get over how nice it looks. It adds class to any Lundby table setting. I am just in love with these little vintage pieces.

These items are all brass and just gorgeous. There is also a double boiler and hubby says good for chocolate. My dolls love chocolate! We also got a whisky jug, a plant stand and a very petite coffee grinder. My dolls love coffee too!
The items in the photo above not included in the lots were the Lundby stool, Lundby table and chairs, placemats and the little plant. I would say a very good day and a great opening to the season. Hubby and I high fived each other and we both said "SCORE". I hope your treasure hunts all go as well as mine did.

Note: Photos were taken in my little photo studio with camera on a tripod to be sure the details could be seen.


  1. They really are super items - what a great team you and hubby are.


  2. Well, you had all the luck! At my "trade fair" I found a giant pair of needle-nosed pliers and a huge pair of wire-strippers for $6...plus they threw in an ancient pair of 5" pliers (so cute!) for free! I love tools! Maybe next time I will find some good dollhouse items.