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Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Swedish Horse / Dala Hest

Flea Market Find
Another Dala Hest - Swedish Horse
I am so lucky...
Paid $3.00 USD

Because of my Lundby Doll Houses and my passion for the finer Swedish things I do my best to acquire them for reasonable prices. I saw Nicola's blog (Püppilottchen´s Toy Blog) quite a while ago that showed a tiny little Swedish Horse (Dala Hest) in a Lundby House. I thought it was cute as could be. Then we ventured into a Swedish/Norwegian store recently and saw how expensive and well made they were (hand carved and hand painted). I ended up with one tiny little Dala Hest. Much to my surprise I spotted the larger horse sitting on a table at the flea market last Sunday. I picked it up and someone who had no idea of the history or the value of this item had written $3. in permanent marker on one side. My heart was a flutter because I know this cost about $35. in the Swedish store. We didn't even barter with the guy. We just paid the $3. The precious horse even still had the label on it. The permanent markings have been carefully removed using hubby's vast knowledge. He told me to spray hairspray on a clean rag and to wipe gently. I did not do any damage to the original finish. This larger Dala Hest will look so nice somewhere on Lundby Lane.

Credits: The first photo shows two of the Swedish horses in different scales. The second photo shows the label on the larger horse. The little stool is Lundby.

Here is the link to Nicola's blog with the miniature Swedish Horse. http://pueppilottchens-spielzeug-blog.blogspot.com/2009/09/das-lundby-goteborg-puppenhaus-teil-5.html

I want to express a Special Thank You to all you wonderful bloggers for helping me along the blog road. I cherish your feedback and appreciate the sharing of ideas so very much. I wake up thinking about what you might have blogged about and rush to check em all. And just because I didn't leave a comment doesn't mean that I haven't been there. THANKS!!!


  1. You certainly are lucky - they are wonderful. x

  2. Okay, 3 and counting or 4 and counting? I love them too! Must get me one!

  3. oh, amy you are such a "glückspilz" as we say in german (one to one translated it means lucky mushroom, but my dict says lucky beggar...). the two horses are so lovely :) mine is from a fleamarket, too. i don´t remember exactly - 1€?! ;D i always look for those tiny treasures there.

    i also appreciate all the blogs around me like you do and it´s so good to have collector friends with great inspirations, too.:) all collecting and furnishing the houses is much better if you can share it with other "maniacs"!!

    have a nice weekend... i think i´ll talk about hans-herman´s visit tomorrow, cosima and i had a long day at ikea (no, we didn´t buy vegetable boxes ;D) and now i´m really tired - to tired to tell stories...


  4. My foreign brought me the little horse when she visited Sweden last year. I am going to put it in the Lundby house. At least Patsy will have some kind of horse if she does get to live there.

    I love the vegetable boxes. Next time I go to Ikea I am going to look for them.