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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Hogarins Call 1-800-Got-Dolls

Millie is driving down Lundby Lane is her new Ford T-Bird. She just a raise from Martin & Mary Stockholm for all the hard work she does. She cleans their house, does all the laundry, takes care of the horses, runs the coffee shop and manages the Gotland Cottage Time Share. Millie always has the 1-800-Got-Dolls phone line forwarded to her cell phone when she's away from the coffee shop or her apartment. Martin wants to be sure somebody answers the rental inquiry calls.

Ring, Ring... Ring, Ring...

Millie says "HELLO - Gotland Reservation Line - How can I help you? Yes this is Millie. Oh sure. Yes, our new cottage is available. Oh you don't say. So you are calling from Texas. Yes, it's a quaint cottage surrounded by nature. It is peaceful and relaxing. We do offer a bed and breakfast package. Would you like that? Oh Yes, Martin is a very good cook. Oh there are many great little shops. Yes, walking and hiking trails also. We also have a very nice romantic restaurant that spins records and has dancing. Great Rigoberta. I'm so glad you called. Oh sure we can do that. Great! I can give you directions. Of course we can have a rental car waiting for you. Thank you for calling. We can't wait till you get here."

Millie arrives home safely and opens the hood.

She wants to check if her engine is still nice and clean. Vinnie stops by to have a look because he loves cars. Millie tells Vinnie she's got to run now and go tell the Stockholms (Martin and Mary) about the new visitors coming soon to the Gotland.

Credits: Millie's new car is a 1:18 scale Die-Cast Metal Ford Thunder bird from 1955.


  1. OMG what a cool ride. It reminds me of the MGA I had in high school. I'd love another one but I think I'd be squashed by a SUV. Custe cute cute post. CM

  2. Love that car!! Perfect for Millie! Boy-toy bait!!

  3. I want to be Millie! I want to drive around in a beautiful red car too!! Wonderful tales :-)

  4. That car is so cool, well done Millie!

  5. Wow! great car! I like her hair in the wind when driving and the pic where they check the engine :)