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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Evil Baby's Birthday Party

Welcome to Evil Baby's Birthday Party. The gang just arrived at the Gotland Cottage after Vinne bought them all lunch at a nice deli. The DeSalvo's have rented out the Gotland for a full week and are starting the week with a party for their youngest child named Evil. The ladies have gathered the children indoors so the men could test out the Dancing Bear Ride that just arrived in the yard.The men are guarding the door so no children can get outside and see the great fun that lies ahead for them. Evil starts to open his presents while the gang sings and makes merry.

Evil just loves all his new toys. It appears he has already mastered the hammer.

Now for the last present from Mom, Anne Marie. Mom knows Evil is afraid of clowns yet hopes this vintage blue clown will cure him of his fear.

Evil embraces the clown and hugs it so tightly.
He is calling him Ray.

Everybody is watchful in case Evil ran away afraid but he is still hugging that new toy clown of his so closely. He just loves IT. AAAaaahhh... Relief. Anne Marie believes Evil has conquered his fear of clowns.
What will he be afraid of next?

Signe asks to be excused so she can go play with her new friends who have been waiting for her.

The boys go outside and Jump with Joy for the Dancing Bear Ride. Evil and his older brother Nickie take the first turn. And around it goes...

All in all it turned out to be a great party. Evil baby got many nice new toys to play with. There isn't a big mess to clean up and the DeSalvo's can relax and enjoy some family time.
Credits: All four of Evil Baby's birthday gifts were acquired from an antique store in the country for 50 cents each. The Dancing Bear was acquired at an auction along with other carousel animals. The Bear is the only one I have left and he is perfect size. Signe's three new friends were an eBay buy. The girl in the middle is vintage Lundby. The other two are marked on the back "Marx 1975".


  1. Happy Birthday Evil. :-)

    Love the bear.

  2. Oh...Evil is so sweet pounding on his peg set! (I think I need another grandchild!!)
    And I am so happy he is no longer afraid of clowns...

  3. What a wonderful party you have made for little evil baby, and I also love the poto of him and the peg set! I think he will be a carpenter when he grows up :-) And so nice he finally is cured of his fear for clowns! :-)

  4. happy birthday little evil! what a great party - i like the dancing dear ride idea! and signe´s new friends look so cute. i´ve never seen dolls like these here on eb** they have beautiful faces.