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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Introducing Verna and Arlene

OH NO...

What could it be?

What did I do?

What did I drag home with me?
What could I have possibly found at the flea market for $8?

You know I love Toys...

One of my favorites is the cowboy prize game in the upper left corner. There are tiny silver balls inside the plastic case and one is supposed to get each tiny ball into a certain indented area. Now who could do that? Another of my favorites is in the middle row on the left. That is a vintage, plastic and brittle doll house with a car port. I found it at mom's recently and it is pretty old. It is not in Mint Condition and that doesn't matter to me. Another of my favorites is the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls in the center photo. I had to purchase the whole miniature display case at a garage sale just to get those. They are made of fabric and I think very special. Now just what could I have bought at that last flea market for $8. that I just couldn't live without.

It's a


Marx Tin

Doll House

"Velkommen To All Things Toys"

The gang sits outside waiting for the store to open. Nickie is telling his mom to look at what Evil Baby is doing. Antony is staring in the window just waiting to get in. Anne Marie ignores Nickie because she is busy trying to impress Marta. Gustav (Gus) is looking inside with great anticipation.

The store finally opens. The first floor contains the check out counter where two very lovely ladies are greeting and assisting the customers. The blond gal is Arlene and the brunette gal is her older sister Verna. They are Flagg dolls and have very snazzy outfits on. Yes, they are dating Cal and Bob Flagg who as also known as the Flagg Brothers. Also on the first floor is the Life Size Store Logo being the Swedish Horse. Near that is a rest area for exhausted adults and a play area to park the little ones. Nickie is spending his time mesmerized by Arlene and Verna and their pure beauty. They are actually flirting with him. Nickie feels funny but he likes it.

Anne Marie and Marta are chatting. Anne Marie is still trying to impress Marta. (Don't know why.) Anne Marie keeps looking at Marta's new necklace. Marta tells her it is from the Lundby Line of Finer Jewelry and was hand made in Sweden by master craftsman. Anne Marie sure wishes she had one.

The second floor contains all the toys. Oh the toys... For the girls and boys... Antony has found an astronaut he likes. Gus has found a blue tractor he's attracted to.

The red wagons are for customers to load their purchases into. The upstairs balcony contains all the bicycles and another rest area for everybody. Anne Marie purchased the astronaut for Antony. Nickie just wanted a phone number so he left empty handed but had a flutter in his heart. Marta purchased the tractor and car for her son Gus. Marta also purchased every doll house for her daughter Signe. Yes, she bought that lucky little girl all of them and she also bought her the miniature Swedish Horse. Wait till you see Signe's new room! Marta is going to surprise her. Signe just got straight A's in school.

The nice man at the flea market had $12. on this old beat up Marx house. I looked at it and started looking elsewhere. He then lowered the price to $10. I asked if he had the missing walls. He said nope and then I mentioned the rust and looked disinterested. He then offered to part with it for $8. Not sure if I got a deal or not but I did have great fun setting up the Toy Shop. I didn't realize how many little toys I have accumulated along my way. This house will only be in my possession for a short while. It's fun to have it and check it out but it ain't a Lundby House. I know of some girls down the street that would love to have this.

Credits - Lundby Items: The counter the pretty girls are behind is a Lundby sink unit laying on it's side. The covered porch swing, the kids table and chairs, the retro yellow lamp and both rugs on the first floor are Lundby. The balance of the items are assorted doll house items.

Credits - Dolls: Verna and Arlene are Flagg Dolls. The rest of the dolls are Lundby.
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  1. What a wonderful toy shop! And this old metal dollhouse is perfect for it...for some reasn it reminds me of the old movie "It's a Wonderful Life". It will be a shame to dismantle the toy shop, but I know your neighbor girls will greatly enjoy this little house. Tell Nickie to take a cold shower. :)

  2. How delightful! You have an amazing collection of toys! LOVE the $3 horse! :D

  3. Wow! You really did have a successful shopping trip! I love them all :-)

  4. I love the toy shop and I also love your Flagg girls. Mrs. Flagg over at my blog is amazed at how many relatives she is finding now that she is out of that dirty smoky place and into the blog world. Have a look at her new house on my blog. The Caco's get the Lundby after all.


  5. What a great toyshop! So many toys and so much happening! I'm rather sorry you're not keeping the house - it could make a great cafe, too :-)

  6. Amy, did you see this ad?

    A lundby/Caroline house is at the auction.


  7. To: Flo - Just seems Nickie is growing up.

    To: Kathi & Pandora - I'm so happy you stopped by.

    To: Rebecca - What a great idea. That is a really great idea! I could put up some curtains etc. I could just let the girls play with it. I haven't promised it to anybody.

    To: Susan - Can you believe I have to leave at 6:45 am that Saturday to get out to the country to check out that house. I did already see that ad and have it on my calendar. Newark, IL (very small town) was settled by Norwegians and I have some cousins down there also. I appreciate you finding that for me too. I will always like you to mention those. Thank you so very much.

    All you nice folks are WONDERFUL!

  8. Thanks Amy! I will send you anything I see in Illinois - is there any other area the has a craigslist close to you?

    I love to look at dollhouse ads on Craigslist everywhere, especially when there are no dollhouses on the Totonto site. It is fun and great for research and identification.

    I have even asked my friends in the DC area to get one for me - a 1966 FAO Schwartz Cape Code. I will pick it up the next time I go to visit them.

    I was able to identify Mindolton Mansion from a Craigslist ad in California. It is a Walmer kit called Bay Mansion. I didn't know it was kit before I saw it there.


  9. Just have a secret "Not Lundby" corner in you collection. Kind of a dollhouse shanty town! It is a very cute and clever scene.
    Some times when walls are missing I put cupboards back to back to make walls. It leaves the room airy too. You can also use magnets on the tin walls to hang things up. C

  10. Shanty Town works for me. It could be the bad side of town. Great ideas for making walls and thanks much for the magnets tip. I should have know that but. My research on the house suggests it's worth about $7.50 as is and I paid $8.00. Love the art work though. I might set up the coffee in there. I'll let it speak to me. THANKS C.

    To Susan... So glad you identified the house. Gotta check what you's going on there.

  11. Tststs - Nicki, Nicki! So young and more intersted in women than in toys!!

    I really adore your toyshoppe - all these cute things you treasured!! another dream i want to realize here at Lundby Village, too! I have tons of tiny toys and i nearly could fill three toy shops with them. :D but some other projects will come first. Thanks for the funny story too! It´s always a joy for me to come to Lundby Lane!!