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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Hogarins have a Quiet Evening

The Hogarins are settling in for the evening. Rigoberta had been out shopping and arrives at the Cottage. Felipe notices right away that she got some new shoes. "My dear, what lovely shoes." Rigoberta tells him she couldn't help herself because they fit very well and were just right.

Felipe and Rigoberta are engaged in a leisurely game of back gammon. Neither cares who wins because they are just having fun. Felipe is working on the jar of cinnamon red hots he found in the Cottage.

It's time for a night time snack. Martin has been leaving fresh Ding Dongs every day for Felipe. He likes them homemade. Rigoberta saved his ding-dong's from the morning so he could have them as a night time snack. Both are very tired from a long day and it is time to say Good-Night.

Good Night dear, I love you.

Sweet dreams dear, I love you too.


  1. It's a lovely cottage. Is this the same on the Flagg boys stayed at?


  2. Hi Susan. Yes it is. It is the Lundby Gotland Summer Cottage. I took some things out and put some different things in to accomodate these larger scale cutie dolls. Side note: I'm getting up at 5:30 am tomorrow to head out to that auction in Newark, IL that advertised a Lundby/Barton/Caroline's home doll house. I don't have any expecatations so I won't be disappointed if its garbage or I get outbid. I need a day out in the country anyway. Thanks for stopping by dear.

  3. I love reading about the adventures of the Hogarins! But nice to see that they have time to just relax as well! Love the paintings over the coach, very fitting for a summer cottage!

  4. Hi Rigo and Felipe! Mommie misses you!