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Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Doll House

Signe gets another new doll house. She worked hard and saved up for it.
She is admiring the exterior and just is speechless.
Let's see what she's done with the interior.

Signe is so proud of her new house. She bought the house and then picked all the furnishings herself. Yes, she went to the Miniature Show a couple days ago. She and her mom Marta had a blast. They found many, many items that were just too big for them.

I am so grateful I don't collect old cars or airplane engines. It was great fun to buy a new doll house and be able to carry it around for hours. I went to the Miniature Show in Chicagoland and absorbed many great ideas. I was fortunate to meet up with Chris from "Call of the Small" http://call-small.blogspot.com/ and we both commented on how much more fun it is to hunt for tiny treasures and then rejoice in the great prices we paid. I am so pleased she won that Brio House I stopped bidding on. Congrats Chris!

At the miniature show I found a tiny little doll house that already had furniture in it which was firmly in place. I sure liked it but wasn't sure I wanted to pay the price. So I continued browsing, had some lunch and when I went back to look at it again it had been bought by somebody else. Of course I was disappointed but I didn't realize I would have more fun buying a little empty house for a very fair price and spending the next hour meandering the miniature show to find my own furniture and items to accessorize. I guess I wasn't meant to have that house that was all set up. At the miniature show the vendors are so friendly that I was able to first take the little house around so I would be sure I could find proper items to furnish it. Then I went back and purchased it and several other vendors helped me furnish it. Now Signe is speechless because she just can't stop looking and playing with her new house.


  1. What fun for you and Signe! Buying an unfurnished house meant you could choose the furnishings yourself - and you can change them around easily too! And this house matches the chairs so well, it must have been meant for you and Signe :-)

  2. Enhorabuena por la compra!!!
    Es una casita preciosa!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Really! Like decorating a real 1:1 house isn't costly enough... I have to stop every once in a while when an item I want goes too high and remember what I could buy of real furniture for that price. You were brave to step directly into the Lion's Den... CM

  4. What a sweet little "rose-covered cottage"....and I like that you decorated the interior yourself!

  5. That is so cute. Yes, much more fun to furnish it yourself.

  6. a dollhouse for a doll! how amazing!