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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Caroline's Home / The DeSalvo's Residence

Caroline's Home
The DeSalvo's Resident

The photographer knocked on the door and asked if she could come in to take photos of the house for the Lundby Lane Chronicle Newspaper. Anne Marie declined so the photographer changed herself into a spec of dust, wandered in and took the photos anyway. This post is being written by the photographer (me) as she floated around the house and took photos. Let's enter through the upstairs window. How nice this home has storm shutters and clear blinds.
Let me float around here to get a photo of this room. It looks like the boys room as I see two beds and one crib. Somebody sure loves clowns. I wonder who painted the Chicken and the Horse on the walls. HHHhhhmmm... Or who's initials could be CH?
This is my view down the hall and I can see through the bedroom into the bathroom from this point of view.
This is an overview of the master bedroom. Looks like these folks put in some thin white vertical wall dividers. (Note: The white boards are not permanent, just an experiment to see what looks attractive.)
Oh my... An orange and pink bathroom. The pink sink, tub and toilet are Caroline's Home. The orange washer, basket and iron are plastic and will be replaced when feasible.
Now we are downstairs in the kitchen. (I have great fears in this special house of putting anything on the walls with painters tape. I fear it will remove the wall paper so I'll figure something else out later on.)
Ah ha, there's the party. It seems all the girls are here. I hear laughter and giggling. I hear Anne Marie telling about Evil's birthday coming soon and asking the ladies if they would like to come. Oh my... Mary is offering the new Gotland Cottage for the party. Anne Marie accepts the gracious offer. Oh boy, I can't wait for that party.
I'm going to waft around to see what snacks they are having. I see some crackers, cheese and a full candy dish. The pitcher and glasses are by Chrysnbon Miniatures.
This must be Anne Marie's mother or grandmother's photo in her neatly organized book case.
This photo is a overview of the large room downstairs. If you look closely you can see the blue painters tape that was used to secure the over head lighting.
Well I'm going to sneak out the front door now.
I leave you with this photo of the front door. I am sure nobody knows I was even here. I love the little knocker.


  1. I love your house and how you've decorated full of beautiful details that make it very real.
    A greeting from Spain, Sonia.

  2. Really lovely - I especially like how you've decorated the kids' bedroom (great blankets!), and the kitchen (the cream chairs and dark wood table look really good with the floor and wall coverings), and the plants in the main bedroom - and how it's chock-full under the stairs! Your Caroline's Home is in great condition too, all the papers clean and bright :-)

  3. Amy, what a comfy cozy home the DeSalvo's have on Lundby Lane, and what fun you must have had decorating it for your little peeps! I too like the kids room best...so bright and cheerful, but I thought little Evil was afraid of clowns. Never realized the wallpaper in the other bedroom was little Dutch windmills until I enlarged your pic! And looking at this I know exactly what your house-warming gift will be! :) Ready for the next installment of Lundby Lane!

  4. Hello Sonia, Thanks ever so much for stopping by. I am constantly on the search for more smaller items because I love the details. Thanks for the nice comment. Amy

  5. Hi Rebecca. The blankets are some type of cocktail napkins (cloth) that I got at a garage sale for like 50 cents last summer. I bought them due to small details. They didn't work as rugs like I thought but they work nicely for the old wood beds. I am blessed to have received this beautiful home as a gift from a beautiful lady. This house is in very good condition. Thx for stopping by.

  6. Dear Flo, Yes, Evil is very afraid of clowns. His mother Anne Marie thinks the best way to cure him of his fear is to surround him with clowns. She means well but... Evil's birthday party is coming soon and Anne Marie's new friends (Marta & Mary) will straighten her out as far as the clowns go. Then Evil will sleep much, much better. I love, love, love this cute little vintage house. Hubby and I were amazed at the wall paper and sat there with a flashlight looking at it. It's been great fun! Thanks BIG!!!

  7. You have such a wonderful collection :-)

    The table and bench look similar to my set from the Tudor range. I absolutely adore the little washing machine and what looks like a matching Hoffman presser? And the wonderful pink glasses and jug on the table. There are so many items I could list but these are a few that caught my eye.

  8. Poor Evil baby, no wonder he's evil, surrounded all the time by his worst nightmare!
    You're a sick, sick person Amy and I love it!

    Love the fabulous blankets in the childrens room and the photo of Anne Marie's mother/grandmother too!

  9. Thanks Pubdoll. Soon the ladies will straighten the clown issue out. Anne Marie was afraid of flying so she went on an airplane. Evil is afraid of clowns so she thinks surrounding him with clowns will help him overcome his fear. I never said life on Lundby Lane was perfect. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Amy, I just rescued a Lundby house just like this one it needs some TLC to ever be any where near as nice as your house. You have inspired me to renovate it.

  11. Bravo Pandora... If the house looks just like this one it is a "Caroline's Home" and is 1:16 scale. Oh I'm so excited for you. Where did you get it? Can you do a blog on it so we can all see it? Thanks so much for telling me. That is awesome! I love that little house so much.

  12. Hi Amy. I got the Caroline's house for my nieces over ten years ago. Not sure how much of it is left though. It was on the "chuck out" list until I said "No! No! No!" I shall pick it up hopefully this weekend and see if I can renovate it. Will certainly be putting it on my blog :-)