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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Red Package / Martin's Birthday Gift

Martin opens the fancy red birthday gift. Ah ha... A nice new red tool box for Martin from Vinnie and Anne Marie.

All the guests have gone. Martin and Mary are in the kitchen cleaning up. Martin says to Mary, "You know dear, everything was fabulous. I love all my gifts especially the Lundber grill and the tool box I got from Vinnie and Anne Marie. I saw that at the hardware store, it was expensive and very well built." Mary replies, "I am so pleased you are so happy Martin." Mary puts the pot holder away and the lights get turned off.


  1. Come on! If Vinnie is going to live on Lundby Lane, he has to have at least one redeeming quality!
    And I'm to the point of needing a "family tree" type outline to keep your little peeps straight!
    hmmmn...wonder what's up next?

  2. Post has been edited. Vinnie is a good guy after all. Note: There is a "Cast of Characters" in the upper right hand corner of this blog. Thanks Flo!

  3. How about a "Who's Who" like Pubdoll....with mug shots and all the works? :)

  4. Happy Birthday Martin! Cute.
    I don't have Lundby so I enjoy vicariously being in your Land of Lundby. xoxo C

  5. ahah... some hours ago i read something else but had not the time to understand everything, now i came back to read it more exact and you edited it ;D

    anyway there was a toolbox in martin´s red parcel and now he´s happy, so everything has come to a good end!


  6. Ha, ha, I must admit I liked the first version better :-) Bad guys are more fun!
    And thanks so much Flo, I wasn't sure if anyone but Rebecca read my Who's who post :-)

  7. To: Nicola, Sorry for any confusion. My lesson has been learned!!! Please bear with me.

    To: My Realitty, So glad to have you along. There is always so much happening on Lundby Lane. If only I had a web cam to keep up. I think there may be a new store opening soon. I leave the house and things happen. My little peeps are so very busy.

    To: Helene, I was all over your Who's Who post trying to get things straight. I am still trying to figure everything out. Also pleased you saw the first version. I laughed so hard. I think the Evil Baby was involved.

    Thanks so much Everybody... Love all your blogs. You inspire me!!!

  8. So nice you read my who's who Amy, I updated the family tree today to include Minimillian, pater Maximillian and Troy Jansen, but they will soon have their own Who's who post with mugshots and all :-)