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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Park on Lundby Lane

Welcome to the Park on Lundby Lane

All the kids are playing nicely. Evil is having fun going down the slide. Nickie is pushing Gustav and Antony on the merry go round. Signe is having a blast on the tire swing.
Marta and Anne Marie say Hello to each other. Marta invites her to sit on the bench. Nickie puts Evil on the merry go round and the kids continue to play.
The adult conversation begins.

Marta: So how are you today Anne Marie?
Anne Marie: I am well today. You sure look nice.
Marta: Thanks, I just got my hair cut. Don't you just love this park?
Anne Marie: It's so close to home. Where we used to live the park was too far for the kids to go alone and it wasn't safe anyway.
Marta: Oh and where did you live?
Anne Marie: Well, I'm not supposed to tell but I feel I can trust you. Can you keep a secret?
Marta: Why of course I can.
Anne Marie: We used to live in New Jersey. My husband Vinnie saw something when he was working in the bar. Then some guys came to our house and it wasn't pleasant. They were all dressed in clown outfits and they weren't friendly at all. They scared me and the little kids. Evil got freightened and hid under his bed. Antony ran from the house as fast as he could and Nickie tried to defend his dad Vinnie. I managed to call the police.
Marta: Oh my goodness. What did Vinnie see?
Anne Marie: I don't know because he won't tell. All the clowns had Vinnie on the ground and then thankfully the police showed up. Then the clowns all left very fast and the police nabbed a couple of them. The very next day some other guys in blue uniforms came and helped us pack up and we moved to a quiet place for a while and Vinnie went with them quite often. Later on the guys in the blue uniforms came back to our house and packed us up again and here we are on Lundby Lane. I think we will be staying here for a good long while.
Marta: How are the boys with all of this?
Anne Marie: To this day Evil is afraid of clowns. We took him to the circus and he cried so hard and was so distraught that we couldn't stay. Nickie and Antony are okay and tell me they are very, very happy here. They just love this park.
Marta: Thanks for telling me Anne Marie. You can confide in me. Will you tell Mary? She sure is nice and I bet she can keep a secret.
Anne Marie: You have to swear to me you won't tell a single soul. Not even Mary...
Marta: Oh okay, I won't tell. I promise.
Anne Marie: Thanks Marta! I am so glad to have a friend in you. I'll see you soon when you and Mary come over to see our new Caroline's Home. I invited Millie also. We'll have some fun. I best get along now. Come on kids... Time for dinner.
Marta: Great to see you today Ann Marie. Bye Kids...

Credits: The tire swing is Lundby. The slide and merry-go-round are solid wood and marked Germany on the underside. The park bench is just a wood bench with no markings. The background is an old canvas painting that just happened to work with this scene.


  1. Ooooohhh!! what a scary story! poor little evil, no wonder he is a bit nuts. he sure is traumatized after the clowns attack! i wonder what these guys wanted from vinnie?!

    my daughter always was afraid of clowns when she was small. we went to a circus with her when she was 5 years old and she did the same like evil baby :) i had to leave with her and my (ex-)husband had to stay with the sad twins... i always thought she must have read steven kings "it" :D


    by the way: the lundby kids have the same lundby tire swing and a slide in a smaller size which belongs together with a jungle gym. your slide and merry go round is made by the german company caco like my family lundby is.

  2. OMG, now I will be looking over my shoulder for clowns every time I read your blog!!

    Cute, cute, cute, cute little kids! However, I find it hard to believe that little Evil is afraid of anything!

    I didn't realize Caco made doll furniture too, Nicola, thanks for the info!

  3. Wow, your stories just get more and more interesting and creative! Poor deSalvos!

    Love all the playground stuff!

  4. Please do not feel bad for the DeSalvos. They live on Lundby Lane now and there is no better place to live. The clowns wanted to silence Vinnie. The cops rescued Vinnie. The guys in the blue suits were the Witness Protection Program. They made the DeSalvos safe and then found them a great place to live. Many of those clowns are now behind bars because of Vinnie. The DeSalvo's have a safe house now, some wonderful new friends and a great park where the kids can play. Thx ladies! (Tour of the DeSalvo's new Home coming soon)