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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Martin's Surprise Birthday Party

Mary calls Martin into the Dining Room.
S U R P R I S E ! ! !
Martin says, "Oh Goodie, all of this is for me?" Everybody laughs. Formal introductions are done. Martin now knows who that guy from the hardware store is. After eating they all gather in the living room for coffee, cake and presents.

Martin is giggling with glee. Vinnie is behaving.
Martin says "Oh Mary, you are WONDERFUL. You got me that new Lundber Grill, the largest birthday cake I've ever seen and the new coffee grinder. You are such a good girl. What's in the red package? Oh, Thank you all! Soon we can have roof top party so I can use the new grill."


  1. WHAT is in the red package? Did we miss that shopping trip....or is it from the Big and Tall store? Happy birthday to Martin!!

  2. Laughing at myself here! I clicked on your blog and when I saw the first two photos I thought.. oh, this isn't a mini blog...
    Then at the third photo I realized the IT IS!!!
    Your mini scenes are wonderful!!

  3. martin is a real lucky guy :) you (and mary) did a great job. everything is so cute and perfect. and yes, what´s is in the red package - i guess i didn´t miss one of mary´s shopping tours...


  4. Looks like the surprise party was a big success, I love all the nice food there!
    And I'm a bit relieved Vinnie behaved :-)

    Your Stockholm is the exact same model as mine, I recognize the wallpaper in the living room :-)

  5. To Flo – The contents of the red package to be revealed soon.

    To Kathi – Thanks so much. Delighted for your laughter. When I can’t get a chuckle here and there I will stop the blog.

    To Nicola – Mary has been so busy I couldn’t follow along with her the whole time. She was in an out of stores and loading up her wagon. I sure hope Martin knows he is a lucky guy. (I think he does…)

    To Pubdoll – Vinnie only behaves when there are other men around who would take him behind the wood shed and kick the crap out of him. He really is a good guy but is a real schmutz with the ladies. I have another Stockholm too. Don’t you?

    Thanks everybody. There is always something happening on Lundby Lane.

  6. Hi Amy, love the stories and all the creativity! I am sure you saw The Shopping Sherpa loves it too: http://theshoppingsherpa.blogspot.com/2010/01/tiny-things-tuesday-aka-miniature.html :)

  7. Hi CallSmall... Thank you for letting me know so I could thank her also. What fun! Thanks to Flo also for the gentle nudges to get a blog up. What a hoot! More adventures to come. Now Marta is up to something. I must go see what is going on.

  8. Fantastic surprise party! I would like to live in Lundby Lane to go to the party, and can eat that fantastic food! regards

  9. Love the curtains! xoxo C