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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Favorite Things from the Shopping Trip

Hubby and I went on an adventure yesterday to find a Miniature Doll House
Store we didn't previously know of.
Thanks to the kind Blogger who let me know about Lolly's in Elgin, Illinois. There are only three miniature stores in all of Chicago Land and Lolly's is loaded with tiny treats for all. We meet Lolly herself and I asked her if she had any Lundby items. She said she didn't and almost all items were 1:12 scale. Of course I had my little Peep (Mary) and some furniture with me for sizing. After a long time browsing and playing I found the doll house that the visiting children are allowed to play with. Well just look at what I found on the front porch. I showed it to Mary and she sat on the swing and really wanted it. Lolly said it wasn't for sale. Well, Mary wanted it badly. In a tough economy everything is for sale if there is a buyer. We negotiated and now Mary has a nice porch swing to rest on under the shade. (I spruced up the fringe with some Febreeze and it is about as good as new! I am very grateful the kids didn't destory it or smear chocolate all over it.)

Just look at what else I found! The bird cage is from Caroline's home catalog. The table and chair are Lundby. I found the bird cage in the case and the table and chair were with the kids play house.

The tiny little blue birds are incredible. Mary just had to have the thermos for Martin. (Adorable) Mary wanted the hot chocolate mix, the two cups and spoons for those cold winter nights sitting by the fireplace. Mary also begged for another vase for herself as she is a collector of tiny vases. The tiny plate was found amongst the childrens items and is the perfect Lundby size. Mary thought Martin would like it too. Close up it has two tiny rabbits on it and is made of ceramic. All told we could have gotten more but Mary and I got just what we needed.

Thanks Lolly! Thanks Hubby!


  1. What a GREAT shopping trip! Where are the pics of Mary having fun shopping??? :)

  2. I am SO glad you went to Lolly's! Isn't Lolly great?! I loved all of her stories about growing up in the store. And, they do have a very extensive collection with a lot of quality stuff. Thanks for sharing your adventure :)