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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Featuring a new house on Lundby Lane.
"The Lundby GOTLAND"

The construction is finally finished. Martin & Mary are breaking in the new home with a BBQ Party for all the neighbors.

If you click on this collage you can see closer up all of the individual photos. The Gotland home has outlets on the inside and on the outside. The outlets are on three sides of this little new design cottage.
Front (upper right): Martin has cooked a large turkey that is cooling. Now he is teaching Erik and Vinnie how to prepare steaks and tomatoes on his new Lundber Sure Shot Grill.
Side #1: Nickie and Gustav are playing tic-tac-toe.
Side #2: Shower, bathroom and garden area.
Inside (lower left): Lots of activity going on inside. All the girls are working on a floral project for the New Coffee Shop. Evil and Antony are playing nicely. Oh wait... I just looked again. Evil has gotten Mary's purse and is curious. I hope Mary notices that soon.
This Gotland Cottage is really very cute. It offers four play sides. It only took me three hours to assemble it using a most important tip sheet. It can still be purchased in the U.S.A. from Cheeky Monkey Toys for $127.99 (20% off) and the shipping was Free.
Credits: Collage was created with Google's Picaso and uploaded directly to this blog. Posted by Picasa


  1. So great you have bought the Gotland house!
    I have thought of buying it as well, are you pleased with it?

  2. I am pleased with it but I actually prefer Vintage Lundby. If there was a fire and I could only grab one house I would take my old Gothenberg. Hubby encouraged me to buy this new Gotland for my floral shop and hardware stores because I dismantled them. What I like about the new Gotland is the outlets on three inside and outside walls plus it has four play sides. It is small but has so many stories to tell and blog possibilities. I am still bonding with it and having great fun!

  3. WOW! I love the collage presentation! I kept going round and round and finding something new with every trip. I know there will be plenty of new stories from this new house on Lundby Lane!

  4. congrats to the new house :) lundby-lane is growing and growing!! i liked your collage and like florine i discoverd a lot of cute details. what kind of thing is it, anthony is playing with?? and it´s so fun how the guys stare on the bbq like they think it´ll explode soon ;D i like the tiny flower thingies you made! did you use square pearls for it? and where did you get these tiny "plants"?

    i agree with you, if there would be a fire i would always try to save all my vintage toys... but my whole house is jam-packed with vintage toys :( i hope i´ll never get in a inner conflict like that!!


  5. Hello Nicola, Antony is playing with a small ships wheel (plastic). I got a package with 6 little toys at the first estate sale of the year for 50 cents. Yeah the guys look mezmorized by the BBQ but actually they are paying close attention to Martins cooking lesson. The tiny floral arrangement vases are small, clear plastic, square colored beads. I found them somewhere in my house years ago and finally found a good use for them. The tiny plants I got at Good Will for free. They were laying on a shelf all scattered about. I asked and the nice gal said I could have them. I just got a tiny handful of them. They are very, very fragile. Thanks for saying you liked the collage. I created it off line using the free Picasa software. I was delighted with it. Hope everybody is doing well in your part of the world.