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Monday, January 4, 2010

Martin Goes to the Hardware Store & A New Guy in Town

Martin wanders into the local hardware store. Martin: "Where's the boss?" The guy behind the counter replies "Nobody knows. Ha! Just jokin. Moe took a vacation and hired me cuz I'm good with stuff." Martin says " Well, nice to meet you. I always get a soda when I shop at Moe Hardware." Guy behind the counter says "Yeah, you get it and like it."

Martin wanders over to to look at the new outdoor grill and asks the store attendant what model it is. The guy behind the counter says "Yo, that's the new Lundber grill. It's one of those fancy sure shot grills." Martin admires the grill. Martin leaves with his new broom and wonders why Moe hired this guy.


  1. your form of explain your minis is very original and funny, the store have a lot of things, I like it so much, congrats and happy new year!!

  2. Why Hello there. So glad you could stop by. I have set up several stores to include in my little town of Lundby dolls. I am so happy you like it. Thank you and Thanks for the nice comments.

  3. Hmn. A hardware store, a floral shop, a grocery store, and a department store in less than a week....you need to think about incorporating your little village! and adding a restaurant! When is Martin's surprise birthday party?

  4. Hi Flo. Hubby says we need a coffee shop. We don't know when Martin's surprise party is because it's a surprise. I also don't think Mary is done shopping yet. She sure has been busy. So who is the guy in the hardware store? HHHhhhmmm...