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Friday, January 1, 2010

Mary goes to the Grocery Store

HHHhhhmmm... Let's get some fresh grapes. Good thing I got cash because I'm not God. (Note the sign that reads "In God we trust - all others cash".)
What a splendid selection today.
The man behind the counter says: Hello there nice lady. I am Eric Fjelde. I'm new in Town.
Mary: Well you don't say. Nice to meet you. I'm looking for a new coffee grinder for my husband Martin. His birthday is coming soon.
Erik: Well, good thing you are here today because we're having a Special. We have many options to choose from. Do you want a small grinder for a family or one large enough to grind beans for a Michael Buble breakfast concert?
Mary: Oh the family size would be just fine.
Erik: Well let me show you all of them in case you're expecting "The We Love Lundby Club" someday.
Mary: Can I see that one?
Erik: Sure thing pretty lady, let me show you how it works.
Mary: Are you married Erik? When did you move to town?
Erik: My wife Marta and I moved to the Gothenberg Model Home on Lundby Lane just this week.
Mary: How nice... Would you like to come to my husband Martin's birthday party? We live just down the street from you on Lundby Lane.
Erik: Yes, we would love to come. So have you decided which grinder you want?
Mary: Yes, I'll take the petite one.
Erik: Great! I'll wrap it up for you.
Mary: Thank you so much. We'll see you at the party. If you meet Martin prior please don't tell him I bought this for him. It's a SURPRISE. I'll leave an invitation in your mail box.
Erik: Thank you too Mary. So nice to know we have nice neighbors. Can't wait for the party.


  1. So nice of Mary to invite her new neighbours to the party! Can I come too please? :-) And what a great selection of groceries in this shop!

    Love the new neighbour's surname! (And I wouldn't mind getting a Michael Bublé breakfast concert either :-))

  2. Of Course you can come. How many big peeps and how many little peeps should I make a reservation for? Maybe Michael Buble will show up and croon the girls. Hubby's Grandfathers name was Martin Fjelde. Hubby's middle name is Martin. Hubby's doll name is Martin. New neighbors are Erik and Marta Fjelde. More new neighbors coming soon. Thanks for the comments. ^-^

  3. What a wonderful store...must be the local Trader Joe's! And all the guys that work there are cutie-pies, just like in real life! Preparations for this blog party will be fun to watch! Keep them coming!

  4. I love the little stories you create to go with your photos Amy.

  5. Hi Pandora. Thanks for stopping by. I am so happy to share my love of Lundby dolls and doll houses. I am having some fun. Hope you do too.