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Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Coffee Shop on Lundby Lane

Martin & Mary are up early. They are discussing their plans for the day.
Martin: Hey Mary, where did you get that new carousel?
Mary: Oh dear, I went to the flea market. It didn't cost much and I think it's Sterling Silver and from the 16th century. I just like the horses. They go round and round.
Martin: Good for you Mare. Thanks again for the new thermos Mary but I just can't find anywhere in town to fill it up because it's so large. So what do you want to do today?
Mary: HHHhhhmmm... (Thinking)
Martin: I know you Mary. What are you thinking about?
Mary: Well, we could use a coffee shop in town and Millie does need a part time job. If I opened a new coffee shop would you make everybody those Swedish pancakes that you make for me?
Martin: Why I'd love to. When will you open the coffee shop?
Mary: Remember not only am I cute but I'm also a doll and can do almost anything. I'll make some calls today and have the coffee shop opened first thing tomorrow morning. Want to help?
Martin: Oh I'd love to but I've got to meet our attorney Bill today for some paperwork. We just sold another lot of land and some nice folks want to build the Gotland Model on it and move to Lundby Lane.
Mary: That's great Martin because our money wagon is getting a little low.
Martin: I'll fill it up for you again dear. That's one of my favorite things to do.
So... Mary and Martin then get on with their day.

The Very Next Morning the
is Open and Filled with customers.
Let's have a look in the windows.


Let's have a closer look.Let's go inside.
Hey there's the Fjelde's and the DeSalvo's.
The girls at the counter are such dolls and so cute.
And there is Martin serving his Swedish Pancakes to the DeSalvo kids.
UUuummm... That sure looks good.
Chocolate Milk, swedish pancakes and butter.
OOOooohhh Butter...
Now where did Mary find that poster for the wall?
This really is a Big Party for a Small World.
Oh Look... It's the clerk from the BIG & TALL store peeking in the window to see if he will fit. Nope he won't fit.
I wonder what will happen tomorrow on LUNDBY LANE...
Credits: Miniature foods items were obtained by visiting many antique stores, garage sales, auctions, estate sales, flea markets, eBay lot sales, one miniature show and two miniature stores. Several of the items are made by Lundby. The curtains hanging to make a pretend wall was an idea borrowed from the "House on the Rock" in Wisconsin where two men had made over 200 doll houses and furnished them all. The counters are two Lundby refrigerators laying on their sides. The poster featuring Lundby's Anniversary was sent to me with my welcome package as I am a new member of the "We Love Lundby Club".


  1. I'll have a nonfat Latte and pancakes. Beautiful carosel.Everyone looks so happy! Cute scene. M2V

  2. wow, I'm hungry to see pancakes, donuts, that looks good!I wonder what will happen tomorrow on Lundby Lane too! Regards

  3. To: MyRealitty, Come on in!!! I found that tiny carousel at the local antique store and it didn't have a price on it. The owner called the dealer and the price was $2.00. We think it might be an old charm. I just had to have it for that very reasonalbe price. In real life my hubby makes me Swedish pancakes and oh gosh are they good. We eat them till it hurts.

    To: Paky, Thanks so much for stopping by. My dolls are moving around so quickly I can't get them to stand still long enough to figure out what is going on. Eventually they will rest so I can take photos and will post again very soon.

  4. Amy, I will be there bright and early tomorrow morning...sevenish! Don't let the DeSalvo's hog all the tables.
    Thanks for sharing so many of your little secrets (credits) on how you created this wonderful little coffee house. Wish it were life-sized! Flo

  5. I love your new café and I'm so impressed by the speed you set up your new scenes.
    This would have taken me many days to do!

  6. Dear Helene, Hubby thought it took two hours to set up the coffee shop. It did take much time. One day for the thought process. Next day to sort and collect tiny things. Third day to set up. I have the hardest time with the lighting and photos. Doing trial and error. I'll figure it out sooner or later. Right now I don't have a job and I am helping my mother-in-law at a senior care center. I am playing so much because it is the best therapy in the whole world. The neat part about this new cafe is I am not going to take it apart so more stories to come.