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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mary goes to the Floral Shop

Mary has her wagon of goodies and spots a new floral shop in town.

The lady behind the counter says "Hello and Welcome to my new floral shop. I'm Marta. Please have a look around and let me know if I can help you with anything."

Mary: Thank you very much Marta. My name is Mary.

Mary: That is such a nice arrangement you have made. It sure smells good in here.
Marta: You are kind. I've been working hard to set up my new shop.

Mary: Is that a hummingbird I see up there?
Marta: Oh golly by gumptions it is. I just put up the feeder this morning and I left the doors to the shop open to unload. He must have wandered in. I think I'll call him Hummy and if he flies into the cooler I can call him Hummy the Dummy.

Isn't he precious?

Marta: Is there any occassion you are shopping for?

Mary: Oh yes. My husband Martin is having his birthday soon and we'll be having a party. Say Marta where in town did you move to?

Marta: We moved into the Gothenberg model home on Lundby Lane.

Mary: Wow Marta. I just met a very handsome gentleman named Erik at the grocery store and invited him and his family to Martin's Suprise Party. Do you know him?

Marta: I'll be gobsmacked, that Erik is my husband and we would love to come to your house and meet your husband on his birthday.

Mary: How delightful Marta. I told Erik I would put the invite in the mail box for you. It's great to meet you. Oh this is a lovely display. I think I'll get this small one.

Marta: Great! I'll wrap it up for you!
Mary: Thanks Marta. We'll see you at the party.
Credits: Water Fountain is resin and acquired at a miniature show. Almost all plants that are not by Lundby were acquired at an auction for a steal of a price. Auction plants and pots were handmade in Thailand years ago. Hummingbird is made of Stainless Steel (unbreakable) and aquired from a local artist. Vase collection on display has been acquired slowly over a years time from various places. Some are Lundby items but most are not. Dolls are Lundby of course.


  1. What a wonderful collection of flowers and plants, and so well presented!
    Love the cute little hummingbird too!

  2. Great flower shop! and great new neighbors in Erik and Marta. I can't wait for the birthday party!

  3. wow - i´m really speechless... so many interesting & inspiring posts since my last visit! i love the flowers and the hummingbird, too... why are you folks so far away?! i would love to come over and play for a while ;D. all your tiny things remind me on my childhood, when i dreamed of a whole room just for my lundbys, with houses, gardens & a forest, a kindergarden, a school & shops and many more... maybe one day this dream will come true?!