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Monday, January 4, 2010

HELP WANTED: Full Time Nanny Needed for Energetic Special Little One

Sweet Little child needs Full Time Nanny. Very special little one loaded with energy and creativity. Child has a very curious personality and is fearless. Eats well and sleeps occasionally. New Hire must be able to sleep with one eye open at all times. Free COFFEE ! Inquire at the local hardware store. Ask for Vinnie.


  1. This child is the reason it is so much more fun to be a grandmother than a mother! We can spoil them more then send them home!

  2. hehehe - evil baby in action!! great :) and he really looks like jesus´ twin brother ;D

    bye the way - you changed your blogdesign, don´t you?


  3. Hi Nicola. He is the twin and I've heard there are more just like him. I started this blog less than a month ago and I'm still working hard to make it as enjoyable as possible for others. Do you like or dislike the change? I added the cast of characters also. Wish you could come over and play. We would have a blast with your little babies. PS. Hubby gave me next idea for Evil Baby.

  4. Not only is your blog nice to look at, you stories crack me up! Love this post! I had a kid like this once! Gotta be Vinnies! :D

  5. Hi Kathi. You are so correct. This child is one of Vinnie's three boys. LOL

  6. Hi Amy,
    I'd like to see Evil Baby's face. Is he the next "Bad Seed"?

  7. Hi Gbug61. I hope he's not the next "Bad Seed". Please stop by again because we'll be meeting the whole family soon.