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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gothenberg / Mary Visits Marta

The Lundby Gothenberg

Mary visits Marta to check out the Fjelde's new digs. Marta and her family recently moved into the Gothenberg model home on Lundby Lane. They are still settling in.NOTE: Marta does all the talking in this post.
Hi Mary... So nice of you to come by.
Would you like some cheese and crackers? Please excuse the mess as I haven't finished setting up the kitchen yet. Plus I just got home from the grocery store where my husband Erik is working. Thanks Mary but I don't need any help.
This is the bathroom. I can't stand the avocado green coloring. It looks so old but Erik loves it and the kids just don't care much because they love the big bathtub. I really like the double sink though.
This is our dining room. I have more boxes to unpack for here also. Oh that's from our home in Sweden. Let's go upstairs.
This is where the kids sleep. Gustav (Gus) and Signe are really happy here. They have an imaginary wall to divide them so they feel like they have their own rooms. The kids took the dog out for a long walk but actually the dog is walking the kids. We love that park that is so close by. Our kids have been playing with the DeSalvo kids. We are happy they are making friends.
This is our living room. I have to finish hanging pictures on the wall. I wanted to paint over the wall paper but I really started to like it so it will stay. Oh you don't say. Well Anne Marie mentioned to me that she would like to have both of us over to visit. Great, then we'll go soon. Say, there are some bulldozers down the block. What is going on? I see. So a new Gotland Model home is being built. Oh really! We sure hope we get some more great neighbors like you.
This is our bedroom. These are the Outdoor Lanterns that I collect. I love all the bright colors. Erik takes them outside and lights them all for me during the summer months. They are so colorful. Thanks for stopping by Mary. Sure I would love to come to your house soon. Sure we'll go visit with Anne Marie first. We just love the new coffee shop and Martin is such an excellent cook. He told Erik he would invite us for a barbeque soon. We are looking forward to it. Mary walks away and peers in the window hoping Marta gets all situated soon.

Credits: This is my first Lundby Doll's House that hubby found at the local antique store Christmas 2008. It came with a lot of furniture, many lights, a transformer and even had the original box. He wasn't sure what he bought for $75. USD but he knew it was oh so good. The bulk of the furniture items in these photos are Lundby. The burgundy chair in the bedroom is from Caroline's home. The two small beds in the kids room are Barton. The hutch at the top of the stairs in the kids area is plastic and I don't like plastic in my Lundby House but it fits. During the year of 2009 I set up a small booth in the same antique store and finally met the lady who had sold this house to my hubby. She told me she had bought the whole package at a garage sale for $50. and was happy it sold. I love when antique dealers don't do proper research. This is one of the reasons I will go to every garage sale I can because maybe I'll find one. This to date was my best Christmas present ever. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. WOW! I can't wait for their visit to Anne Marie's...wonder if the lights will be on and if we will be ablt to see.....

  2. I see this dollhouse and I remember the typical 60's houses, is so beauty... regards

  3. dear amy i have to catch up with your cute little stories!! you are so fast :) i wish your lundby lane and my lundby village would be at the same place, so all your peeps could come to meat my families (which all include a "lund" in their names) and we could write stories together. that would be perfect!!

    and i it´s so nice to read again how your hubby got the house from the antique store. how sweet the woman told you the background story of your house. i always go to garage sales if possible and i also love to go to fleamarkets. i can´t wait for spring because that´s the season for fleamarkets.

    so great to meet you here at the www, amy!!


  4. Nicola, It is so much fun when the mind roams and the stories just come. Hubby and I laugh so hard. I like how we think the same but have come up variations. You have a Lundby Village and I have Lundby Lane. Very, very nice to know you. I see when you post new blogs and I love that. I too can't wait for spring but last weekend we went out to the country and I found some tiny treasures. I'll do a new post when I can about them. I was giggly when I saw the trays of mini items at 50 cents each. I have four Lundby houses now, One Caroline's Home and one other house set up in 1:16 scale. How many do you have?

  5. Love love love your Lundby houses! I really like the curtains in this one. I'm going to try to make some like it for MY dollhouse.
    Thanks for following my blog so I could find yours!