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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who's Who / The Cast of Characters

Who's Who
The Cast of Characters
Mary and Martin Stockholm
Mary and Martin live on Lundby Lane in the Stockholm Mansion with their dog named Honey. Martin's great, great, great, great, great grandfather George Washington homesteaded the land and most of it now belongs to Martin and his lovely wife Mary. Inside the Stockholm Mansion.

Millie Spencer
Millie lives in the apartment at the Stockholm Mansion. She is Mary's personal horse trainer, loves animals and is looking for a part time job.
Millie spends a lot of time with the horses named Peaches and Checkers.

The Fjelde's
Erik, Marta, Gustav (Gus) and Signe
The Fjelde's are new to Lundby Lane and are wonderful neighbors. They arrived here from Sweden. Erik works in the local grocery store and Marta has opened a flower shop. Their two children are well behaved, intelligent additions to the block. The young lad is named Gustav and the family calls him Gus for short. The young lady is named Signe. Their dog is a full grown labra-doodle named Lucy and is a large bundle of joy.
Inside the Fjelde's Gothenberg Model Home.
The kids room. Signe takes her doll everywhere with her.

The DeSalvo's
Vinnie, Ann Marie, Nick (Nickie), Antony (Tony) and Evil (Evil Baby)
The DeSalvo's recently moved into the Carolines Home Model on Lundby Lane. It is still a mystery where they are from and why they declined photos being taken. The photographer had to do a fly by with a high speed camera to get these photos.
The DeSalvo's live with their dog named Putz. It has been told that when Vinnie takes the boys and the dog out he calls them by name: Yutz, Clutz, Dutz and Putz. Anne Marie thinks she is a fashion icon. Wish we knew more. The children were extremelly difficult to photograph.
Inside the Three Boys room.

Dr. Bob and Annie
Bill and Lois
Ardmore Avenue Residents include Dr. Bob and his wife Annie. There is only one house on Ardmore Avenue. Dr Bob is very sick and could not attend the photo outing but the rest of the group showed up. Dr. Bob is the town doctor and his special wife Annie reads the bible to him frequently. His Friends Bill and Lois were in for a visit. Bill is also a writer and Martin's attorney.

So that's the gang. (For now)
Note: No arrests were made during the making of this blog although some parties remain very suspicious.


  1. This is great and you are a HOOT! I think Yutz, Clutz, and Dutz (but not Putz) went to my children's school. We always wondered what happened to them...now they've turned up on Lundby Lane. Will we ever get to see Dr. Bob's face or find out what's wrong with him? If Bill is Martin's attorney, just maybe he needs to be introduced to the DeSalvos.....I'm ready for the next installment in this on-going story!

  2. So great you did the who's who too! The mysterious DeSalvos family who refused to be photographed is hilarious! I loved the wallpapers in their home and I won't argue with Anne Marie, because I loved her outfit too(would perhaps look better without the necklace though)!
    That Erik Fjelde is really a handsome fellow and I had a girl named Signe in my class when I was little.

  3. hahaha - great! :) i love these who is who posts. i guess i´ve to make one too very soon, because my lundby-village is growing and growing! i just made a bit on some more little caco dolls like my lundbys and won...

    the desalvos are a bit scary :O to me. they are the parents of evil baby that maybe promisses nothing good...


  4. To: Pubdoll. Thanks for letting me know you don't mind me being inspired by you. I adore your posts and want to mimic you but want to be creative so I am not outright stealing. All the character names are from my life. Signe was my grandmothers name. Millie was my mom. Erik Fjelde is a cousin who runs the Fjelde farm way south of Chicago. Martin is my hubby's middle name. Mary is my middle name. Marta is short for Aunt Margaret. Gustav is named for our Uncle Gus. Bill, Dr. Bob, Annie and Lois are our real freinds. Now the DeSalvos... That's another story. They are based on real people I know but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  5. Hi Nicola. I think we would all love to see the Who's Who. Fear not - All Lundby Dolls are good at heart. Some have just been in unfortunate circumstances but once they move to Lundby Lane only good things can happen. The DeSalvo kids now Love Martin so much they call him Uncle and want him to cook for them all the time. Congrats on your win! It's always fun to get more goodies.