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Monday, January 4, 2010

Mary is still shopping / Hardware Store

Mary thinks she'll just stop in to the hardware store see what she might find for Martin's Birthday. Her wagon still has a smidge of room in it. The clerk at the gumball machine immediately comes to greet her.
The clerk says, "Mamma-mia the Good Lord made you extra nice." Mary looks puzzled and asks where Moe is. The clerk repies. "Oh Moe, he's not here." Mary asks "Well, who are you?" The clerk replies "I'm Vinnie, Vinnie DeSalvo." Mary introduces herself as Mary Stockholm.
Vinnie: What brings your sweet self in today pretty lady.
Mary: I'm just browing for a birthday gift.
Vinnie: Oh my birthday isn't till July.
Mary: You are funny. Not for you Vinnie, for my husband Martin. His birthday is this Sunday. Say where do you live? I know most people in our small town.
Vinnie: I live down dere on dat street.
Mary: I see. Are you new in town?
Vinnie: YUP.
Mary: Where did you move here from?
Vinne: Over der. Say, you wanna get that Martin fellow a cooker to heat things up a bit?
Mary: Well that sure is a nice grill. What is it?
Vinnie: It's the Lumdber sure shot super automatic viper scope out door grill.
Mary: Well...
Vinnie: I give you da best deal sweet thing. For you today only 13.00 dollars and I put er in da wagon for yous. Mary: Martin is a very good cook & he will surely like this. Yes, I'll take it.
Vinnie: Great! I'll wrap it up.
Mary: What about you Vinnie, you married?
Vinnie: Only once.
Mary: So you have a lovely wife. Any kids?
Vinnie: Only once and we have three kids.
Mary: We'll I'm having a surprise party for my husband Martin. Would you and your family like to come?
Vinnie: Sure thing. Will your husband be there?
Mary: Oh yes, it's a surprise party.
Vinnie: You sure a nice thing maam. Thanks!
Mary goes on her way with another fine present for Martin. She needs to return home and start preparing for the party. She sure hopes you all can come.


  1. I think Martin better watch out for this Vinnie guy, he sure seems to like Mary :-)
    I think this party can get very interesting...

  2. I think Vinnie likes all the girls when his wife isn't present. Thanks for stopping by!