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It is a continuing saga of the events & goings on of the little people (peeps) and their amazing adventures.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Yellow Tulip Restaurant

The Hogarins have a reservation at the Yellow Tulip Restaurant.

As they look into the window it seems their private dining room is ready.

Ribogerta and Felipe sit down and fresh hot bread is served right away. Felipe tells his lovely gal that this will be a special night for her. He goes on to tell her what a wonderful job she did in finding this great cottage for their most relaxing adventurous trip. Rigoberta sits back and smiles at her Felipe. She has something to tell too.

Felipe then tells Rigoberta that he purchased an extra special gift. She replies, oh honey you didn't have to do that. Rigoberta tells Felipe she got him something special also to commemorate their trip to the Rolling Hills. They both continue to smile at each other, exchange gifts and then the restaurant camera man comes by to take their photo.

Rigoberta just loves her new necklace and holds it up so the camera man can see it. Felipe is proudly wearing his new Fleur de lis lapel pin. He says "Just look at it, it is beautiful." Great photo says the photographer. I'll get the photo printed up for you nice folks.

The roasted chicken, baked potato's and jello have been served.

The candles are twinkling and there is plenty of butter.

Rigoberta says let us eat now dear.

Time for an after dinner drink and some dessert.

Felipe orders an assortment that includes ding-dongs (of course).

Rigoberta gets the cookie pie.

Well, shall we dear?

Oh yes we shall.

The rhythm of the music is drawing them into the private room next door.

Frank Sinatra is singing a Michael Buble song.

Let's dance...

Felipe bellows "Turn the lights down..."

And the have been dimmed and the mood lighting is turned on.

I left and gave the Hogarins have some privacy.

In the morning I found them just waking up and they had Big Smiles on their faces.

I just don't know what went on last night but the cottage sure is messy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hogarins Go Bike Riding

Felipe and Rigoberta rent a bicycle for a leisurely ride.
Rigobeta has offered the be the rider and Felipe is to relax and enjoy the ride.

Along comes a young whipper-snapper showing off.

Felipe thinks she's cute but her head sure is big.

He tells Rigoberta "Faster dear, Faster!"

Needless to say the young girl speeds ahead and is long gone in the blink of an eye.

Felipe comments to Rigoberta "Gosh honey, they sure have a variety of peeps up here."

This is just another day in the life of the Hogarins visiting the Cottage on Lundby Lane. Sadly to say they will be packing up soon and heading back to Texas. Please stop by again because Felipe has planned a delightful surprise evening for Rigoberta.

The Hogarins have contacted Millie the rental agent for the Cottage and asked if they could stay longer but Millie has told them another visitor group is scheduled.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Hogarins Go Exploring

The Hogarin's are driving along and Rigoberta sees a For Sale Sign and begs Felipe to stop.
Please honey, please... I just want to look.
Please, please, please...

Isn't this cute?

Felipe says Dear you have to duck to even get into this house.

Rigoberta says let's look anyway. Come on dear.

Rigoberta loves the interior.

Felipe is exhausted and just wants to get back to the Cottage.

Credits: This doll house (Rich Toys) was in the local antique store and they were kind enough to allow me to take a couple photos. The garage sale photos and estate sale photos were also taken in the same antique store.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Hogarins have a Quiet Evening

The Hogarins are settling in for the evening. Rigoberta had been out shopping and arrives at the Cottage. Felipe notices right away that she got some new shoes. "My dear, what lovely shoes." Rigoberta tells him she couldn't help herself because they fit very well and were just right.

Felipe and Rigoberta are engaged in a leisurely game of back gammon. Neither cares who wins because they are just having fun. Felipe is working on the jar of cinnamon red hots he found in the Cottage.

It's time for a night time snack. Martin has been leaving fresh Ding Dongs every day for Felipe. He likes them homemade. Rigoberta saved his ding-dong's from the morning so he could have them as a night time snack. Both are very tired from a long day and it is time to say Good-Night.

Good Night dear, I love you.

Sweet dreams dear, I love you too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out in the Country

Millie has invited Felipe and Rigoberta to visit the outdoor horse ring.

They move in closer.

And closer still.
Felipe comments to Rigoberta about how small the horses and people are. He then comments that maybe they might just be big.

Rigoberta says "Honey, we're from Texas and everything is bigger in Texas."

Signe comes over the greet and meet the visitors. Signe spends hours just watching Millie training and riding the horses. Millie welcomes them and offers for Felipe to take a quick ride on one of the tamer horses. Felipe says "We have much bigger horses in Texas, so this should be so easy."

Oh no...
The Horse is rattled and tries to buck Felipe off.

Oh Wow...
The horse rears it's legs and Felipe is thrown off.
Oh My...

Millie quickly goes to check on the horse. Signe also is concerned about the horse. Rigoberta immediately checks on her wonderful husband.
"Are you okay dear? Who am I? Do you know me?"

Once Millie determines the horse is okay she turns her attention to Felipe. Felipe is okay but he does have a little bump on his head. Rigoberta is comforting him. This will end their day as they will head back to the cottage now. Felipe says he wants a Pepsi, some ding-dongs and a nap.

What will they do tomorrow?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hogarins go Out and About


After a delicious breakast the Hogarins venture out for a drive. Rigoberta sees a sign for a Garage Sale and begs Felipe to stop the car. Please honey, let's just go look.

Felipe is excited about the white dresser. He loves how the drawers work and it seems to be just the right size. He comments on the blue handles and how they match the stripes in his shirt. He would like it for his room at home. Plus it's only $3.00. Rigoberta reminds him how cramped the plane ride was, he sighs and he walks away from the dresser.

Rigoberta finds a dress manequin and asks Felipe if he can remember when she was this size. He says "Oh yes dear I remember." In his mind he thinks to himself... She was never that size.

On to the Estate Sale

The nice folks from Texas sit outside on the porch and wait their turn to enter the Estate Sale.

Rigoberta loves the view from the window.

Rigoberta also loves this special basket of flowers that is for sale. She asks Felipe if he likes it and wouldn't it be nice to bring home. She goes on about how nice it would look and how sturdy it is and what a great handle it has and what a super color it is. Felipe reminds her of the plane ride here. Rigoberta sighs, puts the basket down and they leave without buying anything but they sure had a good time browsing.

Felipe says "Well dear, what do you want to do tomorrow?"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hogarins have breakfast

Mary waves Good-Bye after dropping off Rigoberto and Felipe's breakfast.
Do you need anything else dear?

No sugar drop, come and sit down.

Oh this looks delicious. Let's dig in.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hogarins Arrive on Lundby Lane

WELCOME to the Hogarins

Rigoberta and Felipe Hogarin have arrived safely from Texas after a very cramped and stressful flight. Rigoberta says her nose hurts a little from the landing. They are headed for Lundby Lane. They sure need to stretch out and relax. They have booked the Gotland Summer Cottage here in Illinois for a quiet little Spring get away. The Lundby dolls want to be sure everything is just perfect for these fine folks as these are the first out of town visitors.

Filepe gets all the luggage into the truck and Rigoberta comments on how lovely this rental car is. The agent for the Gotland Cottage set this rental up for them. Rigoberta wants to be sure to thank Millie for the smooth arrangements. Filepe says get in dear let's get rolling. Let's see how fast this thing goes!

The Hogarins have arrived at the Cottage. The Hogarins are delighted! They feel safe and everything is just right. Felipe is so happy to have the nice fireplace and to see the stacked wood for them.

Rigoberta is inside putting the clothes away. She found a Welcome note and a message that breakfast would be brought to them in the morning. Filepe has found a Pepsi in the frig and a basket of strawberries. He sits outside, relaxes and breathes in the fresh spring air.


Felipe is thinking to himself what a great place his lovely wife Rigoberta found and is thinking about a way to surprise her with his gratitude and appreciation. He is also thinking about finding a better way to get home than that awful Fisher Price airplane.

The Hogarins intend to be busy during the days and lazy during the nights as they explore the area and eat like Kings and Queens.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Hogarins Call 1-800-Got-Dolls

Millie is driving down Lundby Lane is her new Ford T-Bird. She just a raise from Martin & Mary Stockholm for all the hard work she does. She cleans their house, does all the laundry, takes care of the horses, runs the coffee shop and manages the Gotland Cottage Time Share. Millie always has the 1-800-Got-Dolls phone line forwarded to her cell phone when she's away from the coffee shop or her apartment. Martin wants to be sure somebody answers the rental inquiry calls.

Ring, Ring... Ring, Ring...

Millie says "HELLO - Gotland Reservation Line - How can I help you? Yes this is Millie. Oh sure. Yes, our new cottage is available. Oh you don't say. So you are calling from Texas. Yes, it's a quaint cottage surrounded by nature. It is peaceful and relaxing. We do offer a bed and breakfast package. Would you like that? Oh Yes, Martin is a very good cook. Oh there are many great little shops. Yes, walking and hiking trails also. We also have a very nice romantic restaurant that spins records and has dancing. Great Rigoberta. I'm so glad you called. Oh sure we can do that. Great! I can give you directions. Of course we can have a rental car waiting for you. Thank you for calling. We can't wait till you get here."

Millie arrives home safely and opens the hood.

She wants to check if her engine is still nice and clean. Vinnie stops by to have a look because he loves cars. Millie tells Vinnie she's got to run now and go tell the Stockholms (Martin and Mary) about the new visitors coming soon to the Gotland.

Credits: Millie's new car is a 1:18 scale Die-Cast Metal Ford Thunder bird from 1955.

Signe dreams...

Signe dreams of owing her own horse some day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Flowers

Gee Martin these flowers are so big and they make my hair smell so nice. Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This photo happened when the morning light was beaming through the eastern window. In the photo is a Lundby patio table with two chairs, a make shift umbrella and a small vase with two flowers in it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Purple Cape Society


(Updated 3-18-10 In the USA there is a group of ladies and they call themselves the Red Hat Society. They travel around in groups and are easy to spot because they always wear Red Hats. They are a fun group and seem very loyal to each other. The Purple Cape Society is a doll version of the Red Hat Society.)

Marta invites her neighbors Mary & Anne Marie to Lunch at the Red Room. She tells them she has joined a new society and would like to them to become members also. She explains it is fun and provides merriment and will make them better neighbors. Plus if they join she can give them a gift. Mary ask lots of questions. Anne Marie says bring on the gift. Marta tells Mary to just trust her. So they both join, go open their gifts and don their Purple Capes and lunch begins at the Red Room. They are all proud to be new members of the Purple Cape Society.

If anybody can help me identify this large wooden basket in the photo above I would appreciate a note. A close up photo is below. I picked it up at an estate sale that advertised miniature wooden German doll house items. I was #51 to enter the estate sale and this was the only interesting piece that was left. I was told that somebody earlier than me had bought almost all of them. The whole flower basket is made of wood. The tiny little flowers appear to be wood also. It was quite dusty so I dry brushed it. I just thought it was intriguing and very well made. It is stamped Germany on the bottom. I just really like it.

Credits: Ikea Room Box was used for scene. Purple Cape Society was totally hubby's idea so he gets all the credit. We see the "Red Hat Ladies" here and there and they always look like they are having fun and hubby's knows my dolls are all about having fun. The Purple Capes are by Lundby. The flooring and background wall paper were cut from a place mat sold by Ikea.